Slab Sawing for Seattle, Tacoma and the Surrounding Western Washington area


Hydraulic Slab Sawing

In smaller residential spaces, smaller retail spaces or areas with low ventilation we recommend the hydraulic saws. These types of saws are smaller, and easier to maneuver, and are typically reserved for areas with little or no open ventilation, smaller tight spaces (bathrooms, residential basements, etc), or areas that require access over stairs. We work with home owners, residential contractors, as well as plumbing and electrical contractors.

Electric Slab Sawing

The electric slab saw is a smaller version of the diesel or gas flat saw. It is used for jobs that require significant cutting depth that a large diesel or gasoline saw cannot reach. Tight areas, or facilities that require zero emission equipment is often where this application is most used. We also use the electric slab saw inside of shopping malls and/ or hospitals, where the hydraulic slab saws have exceeded their maximum reach.

Gas Slab Sawing or Clean Air Sawing 

All slab saw trucks are equipped with concrete and asphalt blades that cut up to 10” deep, and up to 30” with advance notice.

“If it's concrete, we cut it!”

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