Core Drilling in Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue and Western Washington


Evergreen Concrete Cutting uses core drilling to create round holes in walls or slabs. We work with many plumbing and electrical contractors who run pipe or conduit through these holes in the construction process. We also work with utility contractors to core through manholes and pipes. When your job calls for core drilling in Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, or anywhere in western Washington, call us. Our professional crew is ready in 24-48 hours, guaranteed.

Our Core Drilling Services

Each of our trucks is equipped, at all times, with core drill bits ranging in half inch increments up to 5” diameter (including special sizes, with advance notice) and 1 inch increments up to 12” diameter. 9 inch and 11 inch diameter bits are specialty bits and are available, but they do require advance notice. Evergreen Concrete Cutting also has the capability of drilling holes that range between 14” diameter up to 36” diameter (2 inch increments), with advance notice. Core drill holes can be drilled up to 5’ deep on short notice or deeper with advance notice. Each driller is capable of drilling though asphalt, concrete slab, concrete walls, and pipes or manholes (sewer taps).

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