Additional Services

Wire Sawing

Wire sawing is a new and unique technique used in structures that are far too large to accommodate traditional saw cutting; areas where sawing very thick and deep is required. We've used them to cut bridge support beams for bridge removal, saw pipes in half and saw off machine bases flush with slabs among the other normal uses.

Wire sawing provides a number of benefits:

  • Equipment is fully portable so cuts can be performed from many positions.
  • Allow for mass concrete removal without breakage and minimizes damage to the structure.
  • Create clean, precise cuts.
  • Can cut through heavy rebar and embedded steel beams.

Horizontal Curb Cutting

Horizontal Curb Cutting is a process where a specialized machine is used to cut concrete horizontally, typically for new driveway approaches and handicap ramps. This method saves time and money because it simply modifies the existing curb in a matter of minutes.

Concrete Slab Sawing

All slab saw trucks are equipped with concrete and asphalt blades that cut up to 10” deep, and up to 30” with advance notice. Evergreen also has a “Clean Air Saw” that is used in commercial warehouses and retail spaces. In smaller residential spaces or areas with low ventilation we recommend the hydraulic saws mentioned above (see Wall Sawing).

Floor Grinding

Smoothing concrete at joints or removing small lumps with gas or electric power makes grinding a versatile process. Grinding would be ideal for:

  • Grinding high spots, rain marks, uneven joints or rough finishes.
  • Grinding uneven expansion joints or bridge decks.
  • Lightly texturing slippery concrete surfaces.


We frequently provide removal service for the concrete and/ or asphalt that we cut.

“If it's concrete, we cut it!”

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